(( I knew this day would come. ))

(( You know, it was never my intention to get into headcanon with this blog.  I originally just wanted to draw silly reaction comics.  There wasn’t going to be a story or anything like that.  Chalk it up to my innate proclivity for fantastical melodrama. ))

(( I’ll be honest and admit that my interest in drawing Aqui has been waning steadily since the start of the year.  I have no shortage of ideas, trust me, but it’s becoming a struggle to get things down on paper, so to speak.  I still enjoy drawing ponies, but I’m getting tired of poring over the same character over and over.  The spark is gone. ))

(( I guess it’s time to decide if this is worth continuing as an in-character ask blog.  Aquilinus wasn’t meant to be my ponysona, but I might turn this into a proper modblog and pursue other ideas. ))

(( *sigh* ))