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[ Prologue to : The Crimson Saddles vs. Myths & Legends ]

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The Oath of Service

Long ago, the castle of the Royal Alicorn Sisters sat at the convergence of several ley lines, invisible streams of magical energy to which ponies are instinctively sensitive. When Celestia confronted Luna-turned-Nightmare Moon, they had both tapped into these fonts of power for their duel. And though the elder alicorn was eventually forced to harness the Elements of Harmony themselves, it was not before the ley lines had been warped and frayed beyond repair.

The castle was toppled, the land fractured, and the surrounding gardens — once a marvel of natural beauty — were transformed into the malevolent Everfree Forest that we now know. Terrible monsters the likes of which not seen since the Age of Discord stalked the darkness and mists of this new habitat.

Celestia was overcome with grief. Knowing that her subjects were in danger here and resolving to contain the beasts with what little power she could still harness, the remaining princess sent away her steward and attendants. Thus she began a self-imposed exile that would last for decades…and not without ill-effect on her little ponies.

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